• Spy Rover Live View RTR Electric RC Car

The Spy Rover is a undercover vehicle combining top features from all of our other spy video vehicles. Unlike most remote-control cars, the Spy Rover allows you to control and see what it sees in real-time digital video that is displayed directly on your IOS and Android device. Ideal for ages 14 years and up. The video transmitted from a camera mounted on the front of the vehicle is very clear and detailed, giving kids the ultimate edge during covert missions. On top of all of those impressive features, we've also equipped it with a real infrared lighting system, for low light situations. The camera can also tilt up to give kids multiple angles. Now kids can send their Spy Rover out on top secret missions whenever duty calls, day or night.


  • Full Function WiFi control
  • Live Feed
  • Works with Android 4.0 and IOS 6.0 products and above
  • Real Infrared Camera Technology
  • Even Works Through Walls


  • Spy Rover Live View Camera RTR Electric RC Car
  • 7.4V Rechargeable Battery
  • 7.4V Battery Charger

Spy Rover Live View RTR Electric RC Car

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